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Your event attendees will be moved by Angie's stories that strike a chord and change the way they look at life. They will be enlightened by her message … changing the way they do business.

She will educate and motivate your audience. The value of her message for each individual who attends and applies the principles will last a lifetime. When your event participants attend Angie’s presentation, what they learn can alleviate their fears and increase their productivity.

Seminars, training programs, and keynote presentations include:

  Pre-program planning:  survey, interview, design and selection of content that meets the objectives of your event and the needs of your audience.

  Program delivery:  interactive, educational and motivational.

  Evaluation:  program evaluation and detailed summary report including recommendations for future professional development.

A versatile and dynamic speaker, Angie can present programs on a variety of topics including:

Communication Skills and Personal Development

  Brain Power (click to read more):
  Strategic Communication


  Team Building

  Identity Theft

  Creative Thinking

  Conflict Resolution


  Problem Solving

  Decision Making
Programs include the following:

Financial Success

  A WOMAN'S WORTH: Your Future Deserves Your Time©

  Grab the Brass Ring of Financial Security©

  Manageable Money Matters©

  Risk: For Reward Sake©

  Street Smart Investing (Wall Street, that is!)©

  College Prep: Higher Earning for Higher Learning©

  Surviving a Divorce, Money Style©

  Weight and Wealth Factors©

  You Earned it … Don't You Want To Keep It©
  Credit and Debt Management

  Surviving Bankruptcy

  Identity Theft





  Home Ownership

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  "Angie's charisma and thought-provoking message ..."
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