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Financial Success

  Learn how to set and meet financial goals

  Become financially independent

  Realistically provide for retirement

  Maximize financial benefits

  Choose from the following topics:
  Grab the Brass Ring of Financial Security ©

  Manageable Money Matters ©

  Risk: For Reward Sake ©

  Street Smart Investing (Wall Street, that is!) ©

  College Prep: Higher Earning for Higher Learning ©

  Surviving a Divorce, Money Style ©

  You Earned it. . .Don't You Want To Keep It? ©

  A WOMAN'S WORTH: Your Future Deserves Your Time ©
Weight and Wealth Factors™

  Learn the factors that determine successful:
  weight management

  wealth accumulation
  Strategies to apply, once the factors are understood

  How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  How to plan for a financially fruitful future


  Identify circles of influence

  Increase ability to serve as a resource

  Decrease the need to "cold call"

  Transform referrals into profits

Brain Power   (Click to read more)

  Improve your ability to work with others

  Negotiate what you need from anyone

  Increase your self-confidence

  Handle criticism and difficult situations

  Better understand yourself and others

  Recognize hidden verbal and non-verbal signs in yourself and others

  Identify the stages of the brain

  Analyze communication styles

  Understand how the brain communicates

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