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Use Your Brain to Get More Things Done

Often people “drop out” of professional and personal relationships because of simple misunderstandings. As a certified practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Institute™, Angie will help you to develop both your ability to listen and your ability to communicate with greater effectiveness. During the Brain Power session, she offers you listening skills that will allow you to both improve existing relationships and develop new ones. Plus, the session will help you develop skills and strategies for speaking with clarity. You will discover how to:

  Improve you ability to work with others

  Negotiate what you need from anyone

  Handle criticism and difficult situations

  Better understand yourself and others

  Increase your self-confidence

  Recognize hidden verbal and non-verbal signs in yourself and others

Brain Power is the perfect program to develop skills in the following areas:

  Strategic Communication

  Team Building

  Caring and Listening Skills

  Creative Thinking

  Conflict Resolution


  Problem Solving

  Decision Making





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