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Bring Angie into your organization to present content-rich programs to education and inspire your employees. You can also take advantage of online educational programs. Some of the benefits of Angie’s employee programs include:

  Increased employee productivity and job satisfaction

  Greater participation in employee benefits packages

  Increased employee loyalty and retention

  Enhanced employee self-help skills

  Improved employee-employer relations and company image

The Weight and Wealth Factors:   Covers the 12 factors that can influence weight and money management. This revolutionary concept helps employees understand the factors, find solutions, and realize their potential for greater health and wealth.

The Employee Workbook:   Gives employees a concise summary of key facts concerning their benefits and enables employees to use their personal benefits information to facilitate understanding of benefits and planning for retirement.

Maximizing Employee Benefits for Financial Security Now and at Retirement:   Discusses retirement goals and options, 401(k), Individual Retirement Accounts, Annuities, and the use of life insurance to protect retirement assets.

Maximizing Employee Benefits to Enhance Financial Security Now, at Retirement, and in Between:    Outlines goals, savings, and sources of additional retirement savings.

Psychology of Money Online:   Delivers online training to help employees understand how they think and feel about money, including addressing internal and external factors, attitudes and habits. For more information, visit www.hlsltd.com.

Money Skills Online:   Provides online financial training for your employees. Topics include: Budgeting, Credit & Debt Management, Saving & Investing, and Identity Theft. For more information, visit www.hlsltd.com.

Financial Success

  Credit and Debt Management

  Surviving Bankruptcy

  Identity Theft





  Home Ownership

Communication Skills and Personal Development


  Brain Power:

  Strategic Communication

  Team Building

  Caring and Listening Skills

  Creative Thinking

  Conflict Resolution


  Problem Solving

  Decision Making

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