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Beside the practical information and motivation that comes out of Angie's speeches, her seminars also offer these benefits:

  Setting goals makes a job/career more meaningful

  Employees' paychecks become more valuable when they know how to manage their own money

  Employees experience increased job satisfaction and morale when they become comfortable with their finances

  Employees will be more satisfied with their jobs when they learn how to manage their money, so it doesn't run out before
the month does

  Employees will learn that they can alleviate their fears and, therefore, increase their productivity

  Employees will learn that they cannot afford not to participate in their benefits

  The Employee Workbook

Gives employees a concise summary of key facts concerning their benefits and enables employees to use their personal benefits information to facilitate understanding of benefits and planning for retirement. Setting goals makes a job/career more meaningful.

  Maximizing Employee Benefits for Financial Security - Now and at Retirement, presentation and workshop

Discusses retirement goals and options, 401(k), Individual Retirement Accounts, Annuities, and the use of life insurance to protect retirement assets.

  Maximizing Employee Benefits to Enhance Financial Security Now, at Retirement, and in Between

Outlines goals, savings, and sources of additional retirement savings.

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