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Participants in Angie's programs will be moved with stories that strike a chord and change the way you look at life. You will be enlightened with messages that change the way you do business. She's a published author, a proven financial planner, the first woman to speak at Notre Dame's Prestigious Entrepreneur Club and the first woman to become a member of their Distinguished Lecture Series. She WILL motivate you! The value of the presentation to each individual who attends and applies the principles can last a lifetime. When your participants attend the workshop, what they learn can alleviate their fears, and, therefore increase their productivity.

Money Worries Reduce Job Performance

It's a fact. If are you experiencing lower productivity and increased absenteeism within your organization, you probably have employees who are worried about money. According the Financial Distress Among American Workers report, thirty million workers in America one in four are seriously financially distressed and dissatisfied with their personal financial situations. Studies show that financial worries and problems can lower employee productivity and lead to health problems.

Here are a few examples of how worry impacts job performance:

  Lower Productivity Employees make more personal calls, use company equipment to handle personal business, and try to deal with bill-collector calls

  Lower Retention Higher turnover as employees seek higher paying jobs

  Health Problems High blood pressure, weight gain and insomnia

As an employer, there is much to be gained by providing programs to assist your employees with their finances, including offering seminars and educational resources.

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