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Use the Parallel Factors to even out your life.

Did you know that the factors for weight management are the same factors that affect wealth accumulation? Once you identify how the 12 factors - environment, motivation, attitude, habits, family, budget, education, goals, time, age, needs vs. wants, and risk - and how they relate to you, you can turn past failures into success!

The book The Weight and Wealth Factors™ is written to help you make sense of these factors. The Weight and Wealth Recipe Box is stuffed full of strategies, tips, and health conscious recipes to help you achieve your goals, based on your stage in life.

Take budgeting for example - just as you balance your monetary budget when you decide to forfeit one luxury for another, you need to balance your diet and exercise, one calorie for another. And, depending on your age, goals and the other factors, the way you balance your calorie and monetary budget will vary.

After reading the book you will be able to evaluate how the factors have affected your weight and wealth and begin focusing on the strategies in the recipe boxes to achieve your goals!


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