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The strategies in the New Graduate Recipe Box are tailored for the exciting times ahead by giving young adults practical advice for their new financial and health responsibilities.

The recent graduate, whether high school or college, has many important financial decisions to make that will affect their financial and physical well-being for the rest of their life. Laying the groundwork for financial success, young adults must weigh the necessity and consequence for unbalanced checkbooks, student loans, credit lines and set up habits that they'll use throughout the stages of life.

They must also develop certain lifestyle habits that will affect their health throughout life. Pizza, fast-food and soda are often the staple foods for many young adults. New freedoms with eating lead many young adults down the path of unhealthy eating. Likewise, new freedoms with money can lead them down the wrong path of spending unwisely.

This recipe box is a great financial and health resource for any young adult, with strategies they can use for a lifetime!

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