You are only a few steps away from having a healthier and more financially secure life. In the book, The Weight and Wealth Factors you will discover the 12 factors that can impact your ability to manage your weight AND your money. When you address these 12 critical factors in your life, you will experience increased health AND wealth.

Author, Angie Hollerich draws from her 10 years as a successful financial advisor and her own post-divorce dilemma, and combines these to show you how get your weight and finances under control. In The Weight and Wealth Factors, you wonít find any fad diets or get-rich-quick schemes, only proven advice. You will learn how the 12 weight and wealth factors relate to you and how to create an easy plan to reach your goals. Whether itís losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, becoming debt free, avoiding bankruptcy, or investing for retirement, you will find real-life strategies for achieving results.